Welcome to HISP ZW! Transforming Healthcare with Secure Information Systems.

Development and Implementation of Secure, Standardised and Integrated Health Information Systems. Experience the power of HISP ZW in the development and implementation of secure, standardised, and integrated health information systems.

Our Work


DHIS2 Implementation 


Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Robust Information Systems: Crafting and Executing Secure, Streamlined, and Unified Health Information Systems. Explore the impact of HISP ZW as we lead the charge in creating and deploying secure, standardized, and integrated health information systems.

Our Services

We host advanced training programs for the implementation of DHIS2 technologies, such as the Tracker app.

Research and Development

We collaborate closely with academic institutions, as well as unilateral and multilateral organizations, to pioneer cutting-edge technologies that aim to make the world a better place. Our agile team ensures that the latest research findings in technology, standards, and science reach those who need them most. Our ranks include peer-reviewed researchers who are committed to passing on their knowledge through mentorship.

Open Health Information Systems Integration

We have successfully integrated DHIS2 and HL7® FHIR® standards, with plans to further integrate other standards and platforms.

DHIS2 Customization

We specialize in the development, customization, configuration, and setup of DHIS2, tailored to meet specific requirements.

Our Technology

We leverage cutting-edge technology and tools to create software solutions that are swift, dependable, and scalable. Our areas of expertise encompass cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.

Our Vision & Mission

 Our Vision

At our core, we are committed to actively fostering the growth and adoption of secure and seamlessly integrated information systems. Our mission is to empower patients, support healthcare professionals, and provide guidance to decision-makers, enabling them to make informed choices that not only enhance the health and happiness of our communities but also contribute to the realization of local and global development objectives. As we further cultivate our expertise in this realm, our ultimate aspiration is to extend our impact across diverse domains of information technology, all centered on elevating the overall quality of life for people worldwide.

Our Values

  • Participation
  • Responsiveness
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Growth
  • Diversity
  • Simplicity

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the healthcare industry by harnessing cutting-edge technology solutions. We are dedicated to empowering healthcare organizations through the provision of comprehensive, user-friendly, and innovative Health Information Systems (HIS) programs. Our goal is to revolutionize patient care, streamline operations, and enhance outcomes, while also addressing the significant challenges faced by healthcare providers in managing vast amounts of patient data, coordinating care across multiple departments, and ensuring data privacy and security.

With our HIS programs, we are committed to tackling these challenges head-on. We offer robust and scalable solutions that drive efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration among healthcare professionals, ultimately improving the way healthcare is delivered and managed. Join us in the journey to redefine healthcare for a brighter, more efficient future.

Our Background

HISPZW, a duly registered organization in Zimbabwe, has established a fruitful partnership with the University of Oslo in Norway for securing contracts and grants. Our team comprises dedicated professionals specializing in monitoring and evaluation (M&E), informatics, and public health. Furthermore, we harness the vast expertise of the Global Health Information Systems Program (HISP) Networks to bolster our capabilities.

HISPZW is committed to furthering the overarching HISP agenda, which centers on the creation of "networks of actions." Our primary objective is to reinforce collaborative initiatives through research, M&E, continuous learning, and the implementation of health information systems. In pursuit of this mission, we collaborate closely with Ministries of Health, institutions of higher education, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as implementation and development partners. Our ultimate aim is to contribute to the enhancement of Health Information Systems and facilitate the effective utilization of data in the region.


Innovation Norway

National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe

Clinton Health Access Initiative

University of Oslo